Tuesday, October 29, 2013

And so it continues...

Random blabbering from me while I watch my youngest pout through her swim lessons. Not sure what the issue is but sure I will hear about it.

One of my friends posted this pic on her Facebook page and I thought it was perfect for current state of mind. I also took a picture of my feet in swimming flip flops as reminder that even though my arms feel like noodles ( started weight lifting program this week and seriously I was a little concerned if I got in the pool I a. wouldn't be able to swim and b. worried I wasn't going to be able to hoist myself out of the water). Well I made it through and despite my time crunch of 20 min got 750 yds in- which isn't a whole lot, but more than not doing anything at all right :)? So another day has flown by with busy work day, interrupted by horrible stomach cramps (maybe it was combo of wearing tights all day- not uber comfy, and the diet coke/peanut M&Ms I had following a lunch of broccoli and brown rice- life is all about balance right ) and then pick up kids,make dinner, do spelling ( I'm forcing myself to smile writing this) and then hit the pool. Day will soon be over and I still have 75 pages left of book club book- I know- what is the deal? Can't remember the last time I finished a book club book the day before book club. This is life. We are all living it in our own way.

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