Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Running

Above are pictures from my last 1/2 of this running season- Run for the Schools.

Mileage for October- 60
My longest run was on October 20th (13.1). I ran well but didn't PR. The hills were tough and I enjoyed them until the last one at the end. The weather was perfect (cold). I didn't enjoy the start where I was bobbing and weaving around walkers ( seriously why do walkers do that and why do race directors not make an announcement for walkers to go to the back of the pack). Also was tough, mentally, running out and about mile 3-4 seeing 10k runners running back toward you- defeating knowing that I had many more miles to go. Lastly, a first for me- wore my fuel belt during race. Found it easier to drink on the run. Not sure I'd wear one during the marathon but will likely wear one during my next 1/2. I'm no good at drinking from open cup and running so normally walk through water stations. Wearing the fuel belt allowed me to run the whole time. Looking forward to a break from training schedule for awhile.

Besides running I also started some weights at the end of October. Jamie Eason LiveFit 12 week training plan- it's free and pretty easy to decipher. Go to ( no serious) and sign up with email. You are then sent the weekly training schedule along with diet/nutrition guidance too. Bet you can guess what part of the LiveFit plan I'm failing at- didn't help that we just celebrated national trick or treat day. I like this plan because it makes me go to the gym and if I go somewhere more likely to follow through then thinking I will get up and drag my body downstairs to do free weights at home.

Needless to say the weight program kicked my butt- especially the arms part. Her plan calls for no cardio when you are starting out, but I didn't totally want to lose my conditioning plus if I'm going to up my tri participation next year I need to keep swimming and biking. So I was able to smoosh 4 days of lifting into 2. It took me an hour each day,but I was able to still get in swimming, biking and running.

Now it is November and I just really can't believe how fast this running year has flown by. Feels just like yesterday I was planning my race schedule out for 2013.

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