Sunday, November 24, 2013

How do you communicate?

I noticed today, as I do almost everyday, that my email is really an AD message board for any store I've ever purchased anything from.  Email is no longer a way to check in with friends- if you are close friends you will "text" each other and if you are mediocre friends you will find out about your "friend" via "Facebook", Blog, etc. 

There is rarely a phone call or a good old "snail mail" letter involved to stay connected anymore and I know this won't surprise you, but I miss that connection.  I of course love even more that one on one, face to face time that I make some of my favorite Peeps share with me on a semi-routine basis: coffee, dinner, drinks, b-day celebrations ( I know they only happen once a year, but sometimes that one time out yearly is more "face to face" time than I have with other "friends" in my life). 

This past year I set out to write a letter- good old "snail mail" once a week to someone, anyone.  I did really pretty good, but have been floundering over the last 2 months.  I've also done a poor job of keeping my letters logged- I am planning to post later a review of those I sent a letter to and brief "why"-first names or no names listed to keep it semi private.  Anywhoo- I've been slacking, I've been exhausted, and I've just been plain unmotivated, but alas the year is closing in and I want to end it on a good note. 

I will- WILL- write a letter a week for the last weeks of 2013.  Maybe one of you readers/Peeps of mine will be a lucky recipient.  We all want to receive mail- at least the kind of mail I'm talking about.  Plus win/win for keeping our Post Office in service/business.  In a world daily where I feel like I have more contact with "Ann Taylor Loft's" latest "sale email" or Land's End's holiday sales emails or better yet good old Walmart  notices (yep I shop there and proud of it, but don't really enjoy getting daily email from them). 

So this Holiday season- yep the holidays are upon us in case you didn't notice the already trimmed houses in your area with lights and trees, xmas merchandise out for sale at all stores and the holiday music you can now start listening to beginning Nov 1st- think about sending someone a good old "snail mail" letter- no not a generic x-mas card, but an honest to goodness note/card/ bust out that good old stationary (the one our grandma gave you a decade ago- I have some and am proud of it).  It'll make you happy to write and send it and it will make the receiver even more happy when they go to their real "mailbox" and see what is awaiting them.

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