Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tough Run

So I went out with a plan to run 8 miles this morning at a nature trail I really enjoy running at.

I was kind of procrastinating before I left- had cup of joe, some Cheerios and was chatting with my father in-law and brother in-law- they even called me on it when they said "don't know if you really want to run today".

So I got my butt in the car and drove to trail. When I went to link my watch for the run it wouldn't link so I reset it and instead of it working the screen went blank. No GPS. What are you going to do- go run.

About 2 miles into run realized no mid run snack (gummies, chews, Gu). I normally don't run more than 6 miles or an hour without some rehydration/snack. I did have water though. So I kind of decided then I wasn't going to do 8.

When you make that kind of decision, as a runner, it can be defeating. So I stopped and walked through one Xmas song (the only bright side of the run listening to my Pandora Xmas station). I started running and made it until my phone started ringing. I never run with my phone but wanted to listen to Xmas songs with minimal commercials. So I answered my phone- one of my most favorite people- sister checking in for "cousins" plan of day. I was happy to vent few minutes about my crappy run and then have her tell me to "get running".

Finished my 5.8 mile run in 1 hr 3 min. Not a fast time or the distance I wanted to run but I ran, it is done and I can move on.

This time of year is always a little frustrating -I am not training for anything so my running mileage always goes way down. I try to focus on other activities ( weights, swimming, spinning) and there just isn't enough time or maybe motivation to get it all done.

I'm secretly waiting for the year that I get done with races and keep running long- not super long- just 8,10, 12 milers once a week.

For now I'll keep doing what I'm doing and just try to run a little longer. Hope you do the same.

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