Friday, November 22, 2013

It's been too long

Can't believe the last time I posted was Nov 6th.  I've had some pretty good excuses, but won't bore you with them.

I feel like there have been so many different posts I could've put in over the last two weeks- some examples: Why eating out at fast food restaurants three days in a row won't help your energy level, How do you survive a move, What I've been reading, Holiday Thoughts, and How Awesome All House Audio is!... these to just name a few.

But time moves on and if you don't write about certain subjects when they occur or hit your brain/spend time pondering, well most of the time the topic/subject moves on and you have more to write on.  So I'm moving on. 

I will tell you I'm looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving and not having to think about what "box" I will have to unpack next.  I'm looking forward to our annual cookie baking day.  I'm also excited for our 3rd annual family 5K walk/run Turkey Day Morning.  I'm also about 40 pages away from finishing another great Louise Penny book from the Armande Gamache series- if you haven't read her yet you need to.  (Note recommend starting at the beginning of series). 

This was a quick post, but I got one in.  I leave you with a picture taken from my "reading room" the other morning when I got up to run.  Life is beautiful!

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