Thursday, October 3, 2013

September Running

I'm still in my pajamas and it is almost 12pm- LOVE IT!
Had a social gathering/goodbye to house party + book/cash drive for Little Free Library and Reach Out and Read Iowa last night so I planned a no early run day for this morning.  Well I've ended up basically working on catch up with house stuff, and normal every week "mom" stuff, and of course catching up on my blog posts.  So here is the low down on September Running...

Total for month of September: 93 miles
The increase is due to me being at the height of my training and doing some 10,11, and 11 mile runs throughout weeks in September.  I have been swimming almost one day a week every week- and I'm doing some biking, but nothing heavy and that will need to increase if I want to up my distance on the Triathlon racing.  I jumped quite steeply from 63 miles in August to 93 miles in September.  I wasn't hurt during this increase, which I'm lucky, because sometimes that kind of increase can bring on injury. 

I have one more long run- tomorrow 12 miles- and then it is taper from there.  My times/speed has not been the best, but I'm kind of not pushing it with this upcoming race.  Not sure if I'm just needing a break of what.  I always get a little "anxious" after a race is done and need something to focus on moving forward, because I get worried I won't keep running.  I think when I no longer get this "anxious" feeling I will then know that I'm a "true runner" or that running is forever engrained in my life.  I'm working on it! 

Lastly- I had to share that I won something.  I follow the Another Mother Runner ladies- listen to their podcasts, have read both their books and also read their blog posts.  Well they have these Wednesday "Hump Day Giveaways" and I was a winner.  I won the following:   one set of Inspiration cards, one RACEDAY book (training book/diary- will love this), triathlon book, one HipS-sister (belt for keys, etc), and one variety pack of pancake mixes).  I will keep you posted on what I think of these as they come in.  What you had to do to enter this "giveaway" is write three words about your running- could be about you, your last run, etc.  I submitted FINISH STRONG NOW- pretty god timing for me to see that again .

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