Friday, March 14, 2014


Had a good time in Boston. Never accomplish as much as I hope to when traveling, but happy with what I did do: ran twice (one day was a joke and I wussed out because of the wind and cold),swam one day, finished one book and 1/2way done with another, networked and met great NP (nurse practitioner) leaders, did some sight seeing (never enough), had some new beers (Harpoon IPA seasonal my fav), and of course indulged in food I haven't had for awhile (burgers, fries,macaroni/cheese, brick oven pizza with real pepperoni, and flour less chocolate cookies- oh yeah and my McDonalds at O'hare).

I roomed by myself and honestly thoroughly enjoyed it. Could come and go as I pleased and take as long as hot showers as I wanted. The daylight savings time screwed with me, plus the hour added due to East Coast time. I felt somewhat foggy all week, like I just couldn't get enough sleep or caffeine.

Waiting for the flight home. I'm tired and really don't want to think about the fact that I'm suppose to run 8 miles tomorrow-ugh!  Back to reality. Boston it was good, but next time I want it to be warmer and more tourist time.

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