Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Anniversary- 3rd year!

Can't believe it has been three years since I started this blog and started posting.  I'm so glad I started three years ago.  I write for me and write about me, my life, my training, my kids, my reads, and my family.  It has to be for me- right- because not everyone wants to know about my life, my training, my kids, my books, and my family. 

I'm no longer RESTLESS- had a great weekend at home.  Home- funny word- I still call HOME my home with my mom, dad, and where my in-laws live- my HOMEtown.  It is so nice to go home and get rejuvenated by playing records on my parents stereo, going to my local roller rink and skating with my kids, eating well, drinking some good vino, seeing family, reading books, sitting by fireplace, playing CLUE ( I love that board game), and getting some dancing and running in.  It was a good weekend.

However, I'm not HOME anymore I'm Home- I love both and want to try and figure out how to make my Home my HOME!  What a great new goal for me- you know I love goals.  One way in which I think this goal may occur is to get that HOME isn't a place- well it is- but what I'm hoping to find that HOME is really a feeling that I can bottle in my heart and keep with me or pull out of my pocket when I want to.  Being mindful of the here and now/present is not something I'm very good at, but I think by being more mindful and present I will start to see the HOME inside my Home. 

I'm very spoiled- I've led a very, very sheltered, nice life.  I haven't had any horrific things happen to me like you read or see in the news, online, or even you see in real life daily.  I'm also selfish- I like doing things for me like riding a bike for a long time, running for a long time, reading books and attending book club, being with my PEEPS (My GIRLS), trying new things like training for a half ironman.  All of these things make me- me.  I'm also sensitive, a worrier, the "spender" in my marriage, the loud one, the inpatient mother, the planner (boy am I the planner), and on and on and on.  But I'm also the crazy "goal setter", the dancer, the singer, the laugher (the pee her pants laugher), the smile, the traveler, the lover of art/movies,

the friend,  the sister, the daughter, the mother the wife.  Life is about balance and I'm hoping in my search for HOME I will also get better about balance of all that makes me- me. 

Isn't Vivian Leigh Beautiful! 1940 Oscar's picture.  Vivian Leigh was Scarlett O'Hara- fyi- GONE WITH THE WIND!
O>K> enough of the heavy stuff for an anniversary post-- in honor of my 3rd anniversary I'm sitting here writing this post while watching "The Oscars" just as I did three years ago.  For the Oscar Night is my anniversary, I know the dates change, but I'm sticking with it.  Onto a night of some yummy food, drinks, and much needed "couch" time.  Onto a new week.  Thanks to those who read my blog and write me comments.  Thanks for being o.k. with me! 

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