Friday, March 7, 2014

February Reads

For some reason I feel like I'm forgetting a book from my February List- maybe it will come to me.  I try to be good about putting down in GoodReads all the books I read and those I want to so I can remember what I've read and what I want to.  I highly recommend it for any readers or those who like to create "to read" lists.  Anywhoo-

In no particular order here is what I read:

Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai
I wrote about this one during the month because it was so spectacular.  Again read it if you haven't and have your kids read it too!

A Soft Place to Land by Susan Rebecca White
Our book club book.  It was O.K.  I struggled with the authors writing style.  I normally don't mind books that flashback and skip to different years (case in point- loved "The Time Traveler's Wife").  This book just felt somewhat disjointed to me and I struggled with the two main characters being pulled a part of each other.  They were half-sisters, and I kept forgetting the "half" part and kept on thinking about the "sisters" part and couldn't think of being torn away from my own sister.  Again-O.K., but don't think I'll be reading anything else by White.

Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
My son and I had a mini-bookclub with this book.  He read it for a reading program at school to meet the "award" genre he needed to fill.  I then read it, because I never had, and we discussed as well as a "old mom" and "3rd grader" can :).  I liked this book and was glad I read it.

Triathlon for the Every Woman by Meredith Atwood
This was my last read of the month. It is a great book and I think super helpful for the beginner triathlete.  I took a lot from this book and feel a little bit more prepared for what lies ahead.  Anyone interested in triathlon training I highly recommend this read.

Well that is all I can remember for February good month of reading with some fun young kids lit thrown in.  Having a little slow start to March.  Tried reading Emily Dickinson and just couldn't continue.  All the poems I read had some symbolism or connection to death.  Not what I'm needing right now.  So moving on to other reads.  Yep- I'm growing up- and putting on my big girl pants and choosing what to read, when to read, and when to stop. 

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