Friday, March 7, 2014

February Mileage: AKA Swim, Bike, Run

Now that I'm doing all three types of exercise on regular basis I won't be able to write monthly run logs, but will also include swim, and bike too. 

February was the start of my tri season with my first "tri" and indoor triathlon.  It went well.  It was a time based race- 10 minutes to swim, bike and run and basically the miles you could get in those time periods were then added up for your total mileage over the 30 minutes.  I did well with 500 meter swim, 5 mile bike and 1.25 run to get me a "first for my age group" win.  However, only 9 in my age group :).  The indoor tri had approximately 100 competitors and other than having to wait quite awhile for the swim to start, and hence my race to begin, I otherwise thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Following that race I was plagued with wonderful sinusitis which really cut my training back.  I was suppose to start training for the Pigman sprint the Tuesday after the indoor tri- didn't happen and I've redone my schedule so that I'm now following a 13 week training plan which I started this past Monday. 

Other than having lower mileage than I thought I would I ended up not feeling to loss in my conditioning when I started training this week.  So my mileage for February: Swim 6,000 yd (1900= 1.2 miles), bike (or spin d/t weather) 70 miles, and 36.41 miles Running (yes I count any little amount my Nike TOM TOM GPS watch will give me). 

A couple of things I learned this past month- I didn't totally lose my legs going from 5 miles of extreme spinning to the treadmill, which I'm hoping is a good sign that transitioning from bike to run will continue to be smooth with of course added training of bricks (combo workouts of swim to bike or bike to swim, etc).  Being sick is not good for my training nor my mental health- It drove me nuts and I'm a horrible patient- note to self make it a priority not to get sick.  Lastly- sleep is needed and will be needed in this upcoming year of extreme training.  Onto March!

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