Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thoughts from weekend.

Since I'm not spending hours of free time doing swims,bikes and runs I'm trying to fill that time with other things: family,reading, writing, relaxation and reconnecting with who I am and what I want to be.

I thought all of these pictures were perfect compilation of the things that are filling my time. I got away this weekend to spend time with my sister and her family before having my knee surgery this week. It was good to get away. Unfortunately, I acquired a head cold Friday. I started taking DayQuil, pushing fluids, and eating soup on Friday. Saturday I felt a little better but as the day went on what I discovered I needed was a nap. Now I'm not a napper but for some reason I've taken a couple of great naps on sis's couch. So I was refueled with great food my sister made, family time, and some just relaxation/lying in the couch and being able to relax.

Despite our beloved football team's horrific loss and the head cold-I truly feel I had a perfect weekend. These are the days I need to enjoy!

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