Friday, September 26, 2014

Time and Health

This quote/pic from Pinterest really stuck with me.

I'm constantly trying to figure out how to gain more time,how to fit more in, and how to better utilize my time (get rid of those time sucks) in life.

Than the topic of "Health" has been predominating my mind of late.
What kind of health will I have if I can't do marathons/ 1/2 marathons anymore?
How will my health be affected by the upcoming knee surgery?
I know what I should do- eat veggies and fruits daily. Don't eat candy, fried food, etc I know this so why can't I make that "health leap" and just do what I know is best for me?

Health and Time things that are easy to analyze and understand, but hard to change.

Part of me hopes that my upcoming time "down" will help me truly appreciate and reevaluate my use of time. Along with time to think about time I will also have plenty of "time" to figure out my health and hopefully answer some of the above.

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