Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lost Tooth

Tonight I have a guest co-editor of this post.  His name is Mason.  Here is the story... my edits/additional comments are in italics

Friday we were driving home to Oswego and Mason said "my tooth hurts".  So I thought that his tooth must be loose.  Then Friday night I brushed his tooth and blood was on the toothbrush. I thought it was really strange that he had blood coming from the back of his tooth. So the rest of the weekend we did a good job not eating sweets and not drinking juice and brushing really good.  Monday I called the dentist and they were able to see us at 1pm on Tuesday. 

Yesterday Mason got to leave school early.  We went to the dentist and the doctor Karen pulled out his tooth, because he had fell on it Friday at school and injured his tooth so bad his root was showing through the back, hence the blood.  That is his take, my take once I knew what was going to happen was OMG I'm going to pass out because I hate dental procedures.  I once told my dentist I'd rather go to the gynecologist than him.  He proceded to tell me that dentists have the highest rate of suicide for medical care givers- felt bad after that.  Anyways- Mason did great with the nitric oxide, but the shots were horrible- I think he has my pain tolerance which is little to none (Red heads supposedly have low pain threshold so I'm blaming it on our red hair).  The actual extraction went quick, but him yelling "I want to go home, I want to go home," crushed my heart. The dentist gave Mason a tooth holder to carry his pulled tooth in.  Mason did great with the laughing gas, but didn't like the "mosquito bites" at his gum line (aka shots). 

And then I let Mason watch The Empire Strikes Back as a treat for doing so good at the dentist. Mason had recently watched the original Star Wars with Matt and loved it- gave me play by play about the whole movie.  So I had a feeling that when we were leaving the dentist and he was still whimpering I was in for the second Star Wars when I gave him his own movie pick.  Empire Strikes Back is my least favorite, and maybe because it is such a dark movie.   Mason didn't really like the movie.  He thought the "good guy" - Hans Solo- died, but I explained he was hibernating in carbon at the end of the movie.  He kept on crying when the movie was over and saying "I don't like this movie".  It was a rough day.  Mason had to eat soft food the rest of the day.  He had oatmeal, yogurt, and ice cream for dinner.  He feels much better today and has enjoyed showing his tooth off.  I was totally amazed with his recovery and he did great at school today.  Hope to not have to go to the dentist for awhile now.

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