Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week 1

And so it begins my 24 week training schedule for the Chicago Marathon.  This week was comprised of 3 runs: 3 miles, 3miles Pace and 6 miles.  The 3 miles on Monday went well.  The 3 miles pace on the treadmill went well on Thursday although I could've upped my mph sooner than I did.  The 6 miles this a.m. were pretty tough.  I've been fighting a sinus cold so just real stuffed up.  So constant nasal drainage not fun.  You add in very windy and the farmer's blows get even more interesting- YUCK!  Anyways, ran the first 3 with running partner Melanie and she went on to do her 10 (training for Madison 1/2 marathon Memorial Day weekend- so our schedules are a little off).  The wind was at our back for the first three so felt fast, but I knew I was in for not fun times on the return.  The wind was very strong and so my goal to do the 6 in one hour was a little challenging.  Finished in 1:02.  Told you I wasn't fast :).  I did a modified core work out Tuesday night ( 2 sets of 10 push ups and 2 sets of 80 crunches with plank pose in between)- needed a break from my regular routine.  I was suppose to do some core work today after the run but really feel out of it because of my cold.  Anyways, so my 24 weeks starts- not bad, but not the best either.  Next week : 4 miles, tempo run for 30 and 7- should be interesting. 

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