Monday, May 2, 2011

Yeah it is Monday!

No really that is how I felt this morning.  Our weekend was less than stellar and I was so excited for it to be Monday.  It was one of those weekends where, yep already said this to many friends, I wanted to go to bed at 12:45 pm on Sunday and wake up and it be Monday.  The adult beverage last night didn't even help out my mood- by the way- I think I am a closet Sunday depressed person- Sundays have always been my downer day in the week.  Church normally helps improve the mood ( it really is just singing songs that I've sung since I was little and really brings utter happiness to my heart- favorite "Beautiful Savior"), but wasn't able to do that yesterday so I went to bed at 9:35 pm (early for me and my love for reading late at night). 

So this a.m. I got up at 5:30, yep a.m.,  tied on the shoes and ran 4 miles before work. My running partner couldn't join me this a.m. and actually I think I needed some alone time to just think the weekend through. I knew I needed that run to start my week off right and I think I was right on that one.  So my reason for posting this post is to say if you are having a tough time/week/day just go to bed early and get up early and run.  That and be able to vent to all of your good friends/family about your crazy weekend. Thanks peeps!

 To put the icing on my totally 360 degree day from the weekend: Kate let Mason sit in the middle tonight to listen to bedtime stories (which NEVER happens- because she always has to be in the middle) and  Mason gave me a sheet that has a big yellow star and flowers on it  (colored by himself) that says To: Mom From: Mason  Thank you for being my "Star".  You are someone I can talk to anytime I am worried, confused or need help! Confirmation and again a sign that someone up above is looking over me and knew I heavily needed that sentiment from my son who is a mini "me".  Well good start to week 2 training, but even better good start to a happy work week.

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