Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Reading Program...

Mason, Kate and I went to the Coralville Public Library tonight to sign up for the summer reading program.  Before going into the library we checked out one of the Book Marks statues at the Coralville library.  It is an innovative public art project celebrating reading, and writing.  It was really neat!
I have really found memories of my childhood library and reading, as mentioned in past Blogs.  Summer Reading Programs to me are the essence of summer reading.  I once heard this mom in a library in our town say, loud enough to be heard by those around her, " I don't want (lets say) Johny to be signed up for the summer reading program.  I don't believe in them"  She was saying this to either her mother in-law or mother, as best as I could decipher from their interactions.  I think my jaw probably dropped open because I wondered what she had against summer reading programs.  They are a way to have kids stay active with reading, and like my book club, make you read some topics you would never think of reading (nonfiction, art books, poetry, etc).  Mason and Kate were totally excited about signing up.  Both of them picked out an "adopt a pet".  It is a beanie baby that comes with a spiral notebook and you are encouraged to write a story, diary entry and/or draw a picture about your time with your pet.  Kate got a bunny and Mason got an ant eater.  The best part of the night was after we had checked out books and was getting to walk out the door Mason said, "mom aren't you going to sign up for the reading program".  Yep- I forgot and so dutifully walked over to the adult sign up table to put my name down to read 6 books by August.  Well better get to bed and get reading. 

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