Monday, May 23, 2011

Chicago Wedding...

My sister in-law, Abby, got married this past Saturday to Mike.  The wedding took place at Volo a wine bar/restaurant in Roscoe Village Chicago.  It was a small wedding, but the smallness of the group I think made it that much more special.  The service/ceremony was one of the most personal (not cheesy though) ceremonies I've ever been too.  Abby and Mike both wrote their own vows and had Matt's Uncle Russ read a poem that is Mike's favorite (was very touching).  Needless to say I shed some tears throughout the ceremony because of just how beautiful and truly lovely the two of them looked.

Kate and Mason had their parts in the wedding.  Kate did a good job, for an almost 3 year old flower girl- she wasn't keen on walking down the aisle with the other flower girl, but she gladly took my hand and I held her or Matt held her during the ceremony- she had a great view. We (Matt and I) both stood up with Abby, as Mike's brothers stood up on his side during the ceremony.  Mason did a great job handing over the rings and got to sit right up front with grandma Randy and papa Chris after his duty was done.  The best part of the night was probably the show Kate put on on the dance floor.  She was doing her own thing- some might call it the ELAINE 2 (reference to Elaine dance from Seinfeld), but she put her own spin on it by moving to the beat.  By the end of the night other adults were doing the "Kate".  Wish I had shot video of her and could put it in this blog for you.  Maybe I'll try to do that this coming weekend for wedding part 2- Des Moines, Iowa- where her godfather Palmer and his bride Diana will get married.  Kate's wearing the same dress, just different bow.  Pretty amazing that her Aunt Abby also her godmother and her godfather Palmer happen to be getting married within 1 week of each other.  Here are some pics of my gorgeous children from the weekend wedding.  Kate really did look so sweet, and Mason, as one of Abby's good friends pointed out, he looks so 6 years old with his short haircut and missing teeth.  It was a great weekend and I'm again so pleased to be apart of Mike and Abby's big day.  They both really radiated their love for each other.

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