Monday, May 30, 2011

week 5

Running this week: 4, 4, 8- step down week for me.  Last week was a little challenging with a 10 miler on Thursday a.m. that was done in some wind and I produced a headache mid run (Dehydrated :)).  I was suppose to do a tempo 35 min last week.  That to me means run faster so I tried to run a faster 4 miler on Saturday a.m. and it felt faster, but really wasn't (still 10 min miles).  I also got on the bike last Friday pulling Kate behind me and road to the library and back.  I felt the burn in my quads reminded me I was someone who hasn't biked for 6 months on a real bike, spin not included.  So I'm again reminded me that my weakest part of the tri is my biking so I will start to purposefully schedule bike times every week.  Already did my bike this week- today- family jaunt to Target and then Sonic for junior sundaes for kids and a small slushy for me.  Matt is staying true to his "no dessert" goal started right after the New Year so he just watched us eat and drink our treats.  Hope everyone got outside today- we did and it felt great.  Off to get some rest because tomorrow 5:30 wake up call will come to soon :). 

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