Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 2

Overall great work out week.  Yoga Sunday 20 minutes, 4 miles Monday, cross 20 min and core/arms 20 min Wednesday, 7 miles on Thursday and 3 mile run, 3 mile walk along with leisure swimming (few laps) on Saturday.  So onward to week 3- 5, 3,3 miles (this is a step down week hence shorter distance).  I'm thinking- strongly- about signing up for the Oswego sprint Tri I've done in the past.  Last year I was going to do it, but registration for the event closed before I could sign up.  It would be pretty easy to fit in one day of bike and 1 day of swim with my 3 days of running, plus I know it would meet my cross training fulfillment for the marathon.  However, I'm tired today so of course less excited about training more when I'm tired.  So last week was a good work out week, but the "healthy eating" wasn't really in force so back to boot camp this upcoming week- starting with 3 mile run tomorrow a.m.  Hoping for cool/sunny start to my week. 

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