Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 3

This past week was a step down week, which felt almost too easy (3,3,5).  However, then I started looking at our next two weeks/weekends of activities and schedules and realized I needed to rethink when I was going to do my long runs, because the next 2 Saturdays are out due to 2 great weddings.  So this week my schedule is suppose to be 5, 3P, and 9.  I got the big run right away out of the way by running 10 miles today, late morning, with running partner Melanie.  She is getting ready to do her 1/2 marathon in Madison so she ran 12, but I slacked off at 10 :).  I didn't slack off, I'm playing it smart and sticking to my training schedule because I'm getting old and foresee a injury in my future, which I would never want to blame on over training or pushing too early too soon.   So now just have two more runs to get in before we leave for Chi town on Friday at 12pm.  I also am going to go swim sometime this week, since I signed up for the mini-sprint Triathlon in Oswego for beginning of August.  I'm a little intimidated by the longer lanes at the Campus Rec and Wellness center, but I have to try sometime. 

Terrarium update- the plants are dying/dead with mold on them.  Mike, soon to be brother in-law, said it could have been one of the plants had infection and spread to others or too many plants in confined space or not the right kind of plants.  My mom reports hers are not moldy, but does notice a lot of condensation.  I'm going to start a fresh and will again send pictures.  I've heard from half of you which report not getting pictures via blog email update and 1/2 say other than the terrarium you have received all other pics.  If you want to see the pictures- which I think sometimes make the blog go to  Hope everyone had a lovely Sunday. 

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