Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding weekend #2

Diana and Jason Palmer were married at 4pm on Saturday in downtown Des Moines.  It was a fabulous ceremony and reception.  Kate was the flower girl and Matt was a groomsmen.  Kate wasn't keen on the walk down the aisle, but the rest of the service, night she really enjoyed.  How many flower girls do you know get to play with big bubbles at the Des Moines Science Center during the reception ?
The kids had their own room filled with hands on exhibits for kids.  They also had their own dining table (chicken fingers, fries and fruits).  Each kid had their own candy box for a after dinner treat.  We really had a great time.
It was fun catching up with college friends we hadn't seen in a very long time and the PKT's that attended the wedding had a good time being rowdy together.

The kids stayed out until 10pm and were shuttled home by Papa Chris and Grandma Randy.  Matt and I stayed out later and I felt it the next day.  I think I've hit my limit for weddings this year :).  We are so happy for Diana and Palmer and thank them for letting us all be apart of their big day.

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