Friday, August 12, 2011

Bookmarks Continued

Today the kids and I tried to finish our tour of all the Bookmarks in Johnson County.  Two books are still not finished and so we will have to save those for another day.  Here are the few we visited today.  Following the hunt for bookmarks we went to downtown Iowa City and enjoyed the public library, eating lunch with special guest- dad/Matt, then headed over to see the progress with Sand in the City.  Sand in the City is put on by numerous groups who all produce different sand sculptures and are competing for first prize.  Although the sculptures weren't very far along the kids enjoyed playing in the kid's sand pit.  

Alice in Wonderland

Clifford the Big Red Dog


The World According to Gable

This is a great quote- I think I like this "Gable" guy.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Off for some fun in the sand.

 It was a great last Friday of summer vacation.  I really can't believe how the summer has flown by.  Although I didn't get my goal of visiting all parks in Iowa City/Coralville/North Liberty done I do feel like the kids and me did a lot of fun things outside this summer.  I love where we live.  I love both Coralville and Iowa City and the fact that we are only 4 hours away from Chicago and three hours away from Oswego.  So blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with family throughout this summer.

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