Monday, August 8, 2011

I Tried a Triathlon

Well not really me- my hubbie, my sister, brother in-law and son did this past Sunday in my home town Oswego.  It is a great sprint tri mainly due to the swim occurring in a pool.
 It is a very doable length and I've done it in the past.  The first year my bike time was ridiculous- in the bad ridiculous not good- maybe due to not having checked the tires before biking.  Someone has a picture of me on the bike where the front wheel is basically touching the rim to the ground because of lack of air in the tire.  This year I sat out due to my fall in June and due to wanting to mainly focus on training for Chicago Marathon. This was my sister's first tri and she did GREAT!  She swam well and biked faster than her older sister had in past tri's.  I'm really proud of her.  Following the race Mason competed in his first tri- kid's tri for ages 4-7 years old.  It was a 12 yard swim, 200 yard bike and 50 yard dash.  It was so fun to watch. 

The best part of yesterday, besides everyone finishing healthy and smiling, was when we returned home to Iowa and the kids wanted to train for their next tri by doing laps in our culdesac- Kate rode her scooter than would jump off scooter and run the lap.  Mason would ride his bike a lap and then jump off and run.  It was so darn cute and made me realize we are influencing our kid's activity levels. 

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