Monday, August 15, 2011

The Help- correction

So first off let me apologize for my misspelling of Abilene's name from "The Help"- It is is spelled Aibileen.  Also, someone knew I needed some help of my own when they put in the New York Sunday Times Arts and Leisure section a front page article titled: "Black-and-White Struggle With a Rosy Glow".  The basis of this article is how sometimes Hollywood glosses over the truth or maybe hides the violence/turbulence of the time era mid 1960's.  The article talks about a documentary I never heard of called "Eyes on the Prize" and specifically episodes of the documentary called "Bridge to Freedom" - in reference to the Edmund Petus Bridge- site of the Bloody Sunday protest where several hundred marchers were beaten by state troopers (March 1965).  The article goes on to name several movies (some documentaries): Spike Lee's 1963 Birmingham Church bombing "Four Little Girls", Stanley Nelson's "Freedom Riders"., Spike Lee's  1992 "Malcolm X", "Mississippi Burning" 1988, and "The Long Walk Home" (1990).  I haven't seen any of these, but if anything this article tells me how naive I was to make the comment "why did it take until 2011" to have a movie come out like "The Help".  However, maybe I'm not naive, because the article brings up that their is not a lot of pain/suffering of the physical type seen in the movie.  I think this movie is actually looking at how you can remove the physical suffering that comes with this era and show how someone's emotional/mental state can suffer just as much.  So sorry for the misspelling of Aibileen and I will have to become more educated on the above movies, especially the "Eyes on the Prize" that was referenced throughout the article. 

I remembered after reading the above article yesterday a movie I saw with my parents in the movie theatre long ago (1984) "Places of the Heart".  It takes place in Texas during the Great Depression and is about a widow and her children trying to keep the family farm afloat with the help of a blind man, and African American.  Good movie with interesting characters. A lot of racial issues comes up throughout the movie and I think is an accurate portrayal of the time.  The daughter in the movie reminds me a lot of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird.  Sally Field plays the lead lady and she does a great job- so good she won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Roll.

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