Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mommy's Project 52: entertaining

Entertaining: When I think about this word it brings a couple of things to my mind...
First off: longer berger baskets- I know you are wondering what?, but you see growing up whenever we had company over my mom would get her longer berger baskets out and fill them with snack foods (chips n dip, crackers), and she even has a cute utensil dispenser to nicely dispense fork, spoon, and knives to her guests.

Then I move to thinking about the quintessential pairing for entertaining: cheese n crackers, fruit plate with...

VINO- aka wine- aka YUMMY!

I'm not going to get too much more in depth with this topic.  I think all of us have our own ideas of "entertaining" and what "entertains" us.  

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