Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Trilogy Finished...

So after reading "The Hunger Games" for February's book club I put my name on the hold list for "Catching Fire" and later hold list for "Mockingjay".  Last year when we picked "Hunger Games" for book club I wasn't really excited about it, due to all the teenage hype.  Then when the "hold list" was found to be in Red  at the library and hold list was up to 30 I voiced my disinterest... a year later we read "Hunger Games" and I'm forever grateful to my bookies for forcing me into this read.  I really enjoyed the book and so went on to finish the trilogy.  "Catching Fire" was very good and I had not heard the most rave reviews so I went into reading the second book with low expectations.  It was Great!  I really love her writing style, but did feel out of the three the second was written with a tad different voice- can't point my finger on it, but the difference didn't deter from the story line and some voiced unhappiness with the ending, but I was fine with it.

I then went onto book 3 and had been told that if you like book 2 you likely won't like 3.  So again I went into reading the book and figured since I like 2 I'd dislike 3.  Again I was pleasantly surprised when I again really enjoyed the story.  Suzanne Collins is a wonderful author and her writing style and way she produces the story is entertaining.  I think I took a little longer to finish "Mockingjay" because I really didn't want the book to end.  The ending touched me and tears were present.  

Sorry to see this Trilogy end.  For some reason I'm really not interested in going to the movie theater to see the "Hunger Games".  I think I enjoyed the books so much I don't want what I've imagined in my head reading the books to be changed into what I'm seeing on the screen.  So if you have been avoiding the young adult phenom don't avoid it- go get your name on the "hold list" at your local library.  I'm sure the "hold list" is still in red, but it is worth the wait for all 3.  

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