Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mommy's project 52: sharing

There are so many different ways to share and so many things one can share.  Looking back over the last, almost 5 months of 2012, I realize I've been privy to some pretty cool "sharing".

Shared a "first"- seeing Monet's Water Lillies with my son at the Art Institute of Chicago.  He liked this picture of Monet's the best- which I too love.  We talk about going to France one day to see the real Monet's garden.  

Sharing some yummy ice cream at the Mount Vernon Chalk Art Festival.  The ice cream was great- we all had different flavors and so shared with each other the different flavors.  Sharing food/treats is one of my favorite kind of sharing.  You don't have to pick one food you get to try different things with each other and therefore aren't locked into just one treat.  

Sharing time with cousins/family- another one of my favorite kinds of sharing.  Time with family is the best, even when it isn't the best, I always look back and find something positive out of the memory/experience.  The kids were having a fun time on the way home from our January Chicago weekend.  Even though my daughter was very naughty the day and night before (just one of those "I don't want to be drug all over Chicago and then I don't want to sleep at the hotel") the kids talked about how great the weekend was.  This picture somewhat erases how upset I was at the time in regard to my daughter's naughtiness.  

Lastly, just last night my kids shared the experience of sleeping in their own tent, by themselves, as we camped out.  Even though they were a little nervous about the "noises" around them- the breeze blowing through the trees, the animals/insects- they layed with their headlamps on and talked, and talked, and talked- until finally mean old mom stopped in and said lights out.  It was fun to listen to them "sharing", their cute voices and the glow of the tent from their lamps.  

Sharing firsts, treats, family time, and the love only siblings can share- sharing is a good thing!

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