Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mommy's project 52: natural

What is natural to one person is clearly not natural to another. For instance, for me "natural birth" brings forth a horror of no pain medication to deliver your baby. For others natural birth means this beautiful, peaceful delivery. For me natural means being tan enough to not have to wear any make up at all in the summer and fall. Oh how I hate when my sun- kissed face fades in the winter months and I then attempt to apply some cover up, bronzed, and powder. Natural to me is someone who uses no "product" in their hair following a shower- just wash and go. Natural food is food that no additives or preservatives are part of the food one digests- I like to think of it as the farmer's market diet. Natural can also mean something that comes easy to someone such as a natural athlete. I don't consider myself a natural athlete, but I do find that I enjoy most sports I try and don't struggle too badly. going out to run 5,8,10 miles seems like part of my natural flow of life, but to someone else that might be the most unnatural position they could be placed in. The there is a natural mom or parent. Some people I know parenting seems to come naturally to them while others,me included- at times feel like they are barely able to stay afloat in the "pond of parenthood". I wish being a mom came more naturally- don't get me wrong I keep more than afloat most days, but sometimes I wish I knew the answers to the tough kid questions and how to fix the tough kid problems with the littlest effort. But alas, I am me and although parenting doesn't come easy to me I do think my kids and hubby are happy with our family life. Maybe I'm not searching for natural parenting or family life but a more simple, happy, authentic life as mom to two really perfect kids. The other thing I thought of when I looked at this week's topic was the good old Carole King song- sing it with me- "You make me feel, you make me feel, you make me feel like a natural woman!"

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