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remember that word from the "lent" post- as you know I utilized good old Wikipedia and it means: involves giving materially to another as an act of religious virtue. The only thing I have a problem with is the "religious virtue"- I like to think it is an act of who you are/because of who you are. 

Anyways- I have had so many different "to post" blog ideas lately I figured I should get going so please don't think I wrote this at 8 in the morning- I wrote it last night during Oscar's viewing and just didn't want to overwhelm you all in one night with too many posts...

So back to Almsgiving- giving materially to another- here are some great close to home ways to give to others.

Project Prom:

East Side Recycling Center (education center) 2401 Scott Blvd. SE, Iowa City
  • Is your formal wear gathering dust? Donate it to Project Prom 2013 so it can be reused by others in the community! Items accepted include prom dresses, tuxedos and accessories including handbags, jewelry, dress shoes, etc.

    Donations will be accepted on Saturday, March 2 (1-4 p.m.) and given away on Saturday, March 9 (1-4 p.m.).

    Items will be given away at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis. We'll also have prom-related door prizes from local businesses!

    Questions? Contact Mary at or 319-400-0388 or post a message here!

    Side note- I am totally willing to pick up any my peeps dresses to donate to the event- how great would it be to know that some high school girl's prom was made possible by your donation!
    So this morning during my kid's Sunday School hour I had the opportunity to go listen to Mary Palmberg speak on the 1105 Project.  I had no idea what this project was going to be about.  As you can read the details/summary of the project and how you can get involved I will write and tell you why I felt drawn to this talk/way to give back...

    When I was in elementary school, sorry can't remember exact age, there was a man in our church's parking lot one Sunday asking people for money. He was a homeless man wanting some money.  I was very confused on why no one would give him any money. Big surprise- I remember shedding a tear about the fact that no one would give him money.  I wanted to give him my quarter for Sunday School offering (o.k. remember this was back in the 80's- so 25 cents was something).  I asked my parents why I couldn't give the man my quarter and they tried to explain, as politically correct as possible, that giving money i.e. my quarter may not really go to food, but something that wouldn't help the man (now a realization to me- alcohol or worse).  Still not sure what he would have been able to purchase with a quarter, but the moment sticks with me and I have wondered since that moment: How Do You Help the Homeless? 

    Mary's presentation today hit a chord in my childhood heart- she spoke so easily about giving to these people and how you have to be at ease with who they are.   I liked the presentation, because she really didn't ask for money or financial support, it was education and story telling- which I think does a better job than asking for money does when actually getting the money.

    I had to ask her my burning question: "how are you at peace with not being able to help all these people change their situations"- she had a great answer- she said "I too am a 'fixer' but have learned  'The best we can do is provide what they need on a daily basis". 

    So here is the info for the project.

    The 1105 Project - Stronger Together!

    The 1105 Project represents a unique opportunity to have a lasting impact on the delivery of essential community services in Johnson County, Iowa. The Crisis Center of Johnson County, in partnership with the Domestic Violence Intervention Program, Free Lunch Program, and National Alliance on Mental Illness of Johnson County, will create a collaborative campus to better serve our clients and the community at large.

    How the 1105 Project Began

    The Crisis Center began exploring the idea of establishing a human services campus with DVIP, Free Lunch Program, and NAMI-JC in fall 2011. Very quickly it became apparent that our common mission - to serve those in our community struggling with emotional turmoil, facing hunger or compromised personal safety - made this collaboration special.
    Each agency provides unique-but-related services; offering clients access to all of these services under one roof creates efficiencies for both the individual and the agencies. Our intention is to move from meeting immediate needs separately to mutually supporting clients in ways that foster greater healing and health and prevent further crisis. Together we expect to meet 45,000 individual service needs on an annual basis.

    Join the Efforts to Bring 1105 to Life

    An 1105 Project Building Fund has been established with the Community Foundation of Johnson County to accept financial gifts toward the 1105 Project capital campaign. You can make an online contribution at their website and designate 1105 Project as the specific organization. If you would like to discuss giving opportunities, contact Jeff Barta, campaign chairperson, at (319) 430-0373 or by email at
    As the 1105 Project progresses, there may be volunteer opportunities to get involved. These could range from helping prepare mailings to assisting with light construction activities. If you would like to be on an email list to receive notices about our volunteer needs, please contact Mary Palmberg at (319) 400-0388 or by email at

    It is not only money, but time- think about giving!


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