Sunday, February 17, 2013

Running- have I told you it is humbling...

This past week I continued with a wonderful sinus cold.  However, after my week off last week and that not adding to rest and relaxation, but instead started this whole wonderful relationship with my friend "Feb Cold", my running wasn't too hot. In fact my longest run in February thus far- 4 miles.  This past week I did 13 miles total. Two runs outside and two on the treadmill.  I was hoping to do more like 16-20, but "Feb Cold" had some other ideas like the 1 1/2 hour nap yesterday afternoon.  So the cold has me down in the dumps with running, but other things do too....

I normally totally enjoy listening to either music, audiobooks, or podcasts during runs and lately I've been struggling with all three.  One major issue are the ear buds I purchased at the Chicago Marathon and was told they were super great for athletes/runners/ triathletes, etc are now only giving me sound to my left year. When I listen to audiobooks I feel like the connection is piss poor and book jumps around- don't know if that is IPod issues or my 50% working earbuds.  So, yes, I definitely need to look into getting those working 100%, but the audiobooks, music and podcasts selection I think needs a change up.  I need to make new playlists and stop listening to stuff that is driving me nuts- hence dropped "Once a Runner" by John Parker, because I just couldn't listen anymore and today I stopped listening to this annoying allergist/pulmonologist that was brought on to talk about asthma, allergies, etc and running for AMR Podcast (The doctor wasn't a runner so that was my first annoyance and then he kept on referencing Pediatrics and so I figured he was more pediatric focused than adult focused, which no offense AMR is focused on adult mom runners.  Lastly- music- I need to switch things up.  Get back my beat pumping, heart thumping music to get my feet moving and my head dancing to the music. 

Lastly, I consider myself a "runner" for many reasons, but I also think it is funny when I talk to other runners or former runners, some happen to also be moms- and we talk about weekly mileage- my weekly mileage when not training for something in particular (aka 1/2 or full marathons) is around 15-20 miles/week.  My highest mileage yet I believe is around 40 miles (aka 20 mile long run with 3 or 2 other runs within that week before the 20 miler).  I've never done more than 20 or 22 miler when training for Chicago (this is a little odd considering most people who have run more than one marathon step it up and do 2-3 longer runs: 20-22 milers in their training schedule).  So this past Saturday when another mom/runner I ran into was telling me about her hip issues and potential redo surgery for her complaints/issues (can't run without severe hip pain) and stated that once she started doing consecutive 50's that was when she had the issues.  I said 50's?  She said 50 miles + a week.  "You know like when you are training for the marathon"- she said to me.  I paused and answered just as I normally would and said I've never been a 50+ miler/week. It sometimes bothers me that I call myself a runner but yet other people I know in the running community, who are moms and most of them working like me,  run around 30-40 miles/week. 

It bothers me, because I wonder why can't I run that amount of mileage/week.  I wonder how do they fit it into their busy schedules and how could I redo my schedule to accommodate higher mileage.  How do their bodies tolerate the higher mileage?  What could I do differently with my nutrition, cross training, and overall running schedule/taining plan.  

But then it hits me- I am a runner.  I've run 5 marathons, a handful of 1/2 marathons and shorter distance events (5K and 10K).  If I wasn't a runner why would I have done the training or toed the start line?   I am my own type o runner.  I need to embrace this and move forward continuing to want to better my power, strength, speed, nutrition and form, but with the purpose being to enjoy running that much more- not with a crazy idea that I'm going to be winning race or qualifying for Boston.  I'll keep on running- trying to make the quality of the runs just as important as the quatity and of course with the overall goal being not just health and wellness, but happiness.  

So onto another week- not sure what "Feb Cold" has planned for this week, but if I try my best and enjoy the runs in the process (good music, audiobooks or podcasts) I'll be a Happy Runner!  

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