Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I really love holidays.  Valentine's Day is a good holiday, not one of my top 3, but I still enjoy it.  My favorite memory as a child was going to the breakfast table on Valentine's day and my sister and I finding at each of our spots a Russell Stover (mini sized) heart shaped box with assorted chocolates.  Whenever I see these boxes it just brings back memories of childhood. 
So it won't surprise you that I had two of these type of boxes waiting for my kids at their breakfast spots before going to school this morning.  A day to remind us to tell those we love "Love You" is a great day in my book!

Random other thoughts...

Lent is going pretty good- day 2 and no pop yet and more importantly no WT mom yelling.  This morning we read the Bible passage out of the kid's Bible and had an interesting discussion about how the earth was created.  My son said, "so mom the Bible isn't right, right?"- "Because the dinosaurs came first and then people"- Yep some deep conversation at 7:45 this a.m.  Evolution vs. Creation... So I said sometimes we have to come up with what we believe and I asked "What do you think happened"- Son's response: "Well someone made the dinosaurs, and maybe that was God and then God made volcanoes that got rid of dinosaurs and then God made people".  So cool how a kid can make evolution and creation work together and let go that the Bible might be inaccurate. 

Secondly- read this good running article about being a confident runner/women runner.  They had a 4 minute mental exercise to help you become more confident.  I think it could be used in more than just running, but in other life goals, etc.... So wanted to share it with you (taken from Women's Running Jan/Feb 2013 page 19 by Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter)
1. Take a piece of paper and draw a vertical line down the center.
2. Think of all the negative thoughts you have about yourself or your Running (substitute whatever subject here) (I'm too slow, I'm too old, I'm too fat, etc)- and write them on the left hand side of the page
3. Look at first negative and ask yourself "How can I coach myself through that?"  On right hand side of page write down positive way to think about that issue/fear.  (I.e. if I'm too slow on left than on right "there are runners of all abilities and I get faster every day"). 
4. Continue putting negatives with positive thought until you've finished the list.  Save the paper to look at whenever doubt creeps in.
I thought this was a total quick/easy and applicable activity for many facets of life.

Lastly, I love all these fun quotes/sayings I find on Pinterest.  Here are a few I want to share with you and of course where you can find them...

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