Monday, February 18, 2013

Random Thoughts from Monday...

Why do people litter?

I was driving home from work today and this car in front of me rolled its window down- passenger side front window- and threw a banana peel out it's window.  I felt like honking or more so felt like getting out of my car and knocking on their window and telling them they dropped something.

Seriously- I don't get it.

My Lenten goal of no WT yelling is actually going pretty good so far.  It is so strange how when you make a concerted effort not to do something it really makes you think before acting- Like tonight when my daughter was melting down after I cut her toe nails and finger nails (seriously- you'd think I was torturing them when I cut their nails, in fact it became such an ordeal with my son now husband does his mani/pedi needs).  Anyways- between the cutting nails and brushing the knots out of her washed hair- or so she said- I felt like yelling Stop Crying- which is such an oxymoron right- STOP CRYING- it is almost like you are asking for more CRYING by yelling STOP CRYING.  Anyways, we calmly went downstairs to the awesome tent we built as a family last night for some reading/game playing.  Well the tears didn't stop so my son started his 20 minutes of reading for the night followed by our Bible reading out of the Beginner's Bible (check that off my Lenten list for the day :)) and she was almost asleep when I started in on Harry Potter.  Well her eyes flew open and she wanted to know when we were going to play games.  I couldn't believe it- she really must not have wanted to hear Harry tonight, plus what was she thinking we were so not going to play any games after her 20 minutes of off an on screeching/sobbing/snot blowing. So long story short- no yelling and 15 minutes later after "The Bearenstein Bears and the Sitter" was read I was able to read about 15 minutes of Harry- she fell asleep and my son and I cuddled up reading about Harry, Hermione and Ron. 

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