Monday, March 25, 2013

A good night

With my little man. Picked him up from school today and drive straight to Olive Garden for dinner, just the 2 of us. Youngest is in sunny 80 degree Florida with grandparents (yep my kids have such a rough life:) ).

So the thing I enjoyed most tonight was the way I felt my oldest had my undivided attention. No competing with younger sis or mom's cell phone, or rushing due to after school activities. He talked tons.

Following dinner ...( which was great- he chose chicken gnocchi soup, chicken fingers with side of spaghetti sauce and grapes. I had this spicy shrimp pasta dish- which I of course substituted with chicken- chatty natty don't do seafood). We had a great waitress too! ...We then went to Barnes and Noble to pick out books the Easter bunny will be sending to cousins in Indiana - Aunt Melissa don't tell. Then he picked out a book for us to start tonight and read while sis is in Florida- drum roll... Little House in the Big Woods by Laura ingles wilder. Yep he's my son!

It was a good night and something I should try and do with both my favorite oldest child and favorite youngest child every now and again. Separate time allows for some pretty special time, memories and talks.

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