Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break

No we didn't go to a tropical beach, wind surf, get a tan, or drink "umbrella drinks" by a pool.  We did go South- St. Louis, MO (1st stop), then East and North (Chicago and the Burbs) and then West- home.

It was a great week and I seriously can't believe how fast the time flew by.  Me and the kids drove in a wonderful snow storm the first hour of our trip last Monday.  After getting through Southern Iowa into Missouri it was smooth sailing. We stayed with my long lost friend (aka Skeeter), her boyfriend, and her two adorable (loved a little too much by my youngest) cats. 

You know when you have a true friend: someone who goes out and buys you all that you requested on your grocery list, puts up with your youngest who gets up at 6:45 a.m. every morning rain or shine, tolerates a lot more "kid tv" then has been watched ever in her downtown "city loft", and has her boyfriend haul in all our gear from the car and back out to the car and spend the day at the zoo :).  No really- great friend and great trip to St. Louis.  Highlights: Zoo (free- great, even though a little chilly), World Fair Pavilion (O.K. so I thought it was from the World's Fair AKA "Meet me in St. Louis" movie, but it actually was built five years after the fair as a memorial to fair), Museum of History (Great World's Fair exhibit), Science Center, Bluebird Hill Restaurant/Diner, Central Library St. Louis, City Museum and of course sharing wine, good food and Funfetti cake with friends.

The penguins were great.
Crazy Apes
Loved the World's Fair Exhibit at Museum of History
We then drove onto Chicago/Burbs to spend time with grandparents.  My sister and my niece came home Friday- my youngest left with one set of grandparents to travel to Florida (yep- I'm inwardly crying- sun, sun, I need some warm sun)- o.k. back to topic... So since it was just me, sister and the "big kids" we traveled via metra to the Windy City and enjoyed a day at the Art Institute, some time At the Bean, lunch at Pot Belly's and of course just time together.

Cousins at the Picasso
The Bean
It was a fun Spring Break!  Thanks friends and family who put us up and put up with us.  Now back to the real world.   

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