Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Running

So my mileage for February: 38 miles.  Seems strange to type those numbers, but yep 38 miles.  I went back and looked at my running weeks/days in February and first thing I took a whole week off the first week of February because prior months I had run 88,80, and 70 and thought I needed a little break.  Those of you who follow my blog then remember that after my week off running I got sick with a horribly annoying cold/sinus fun.  Despite the cold I still managed to run 4 days a week for the rest of February.  However, my mileage on running days was averaged at 3 miles.  I just didn't have many long runs at all so hence why my mileage for February was lower. 

I think the break helped, even though I also think it hurt me overall because I got that horrible cold/sinus stuff and I really think me running routinely has kept me somewhat healthy and happy.  The break gave me time to look at training plans/schedules for the upcoming year.  My Best running buddy and I are back at it and we have sat down and penciled in our runs/schedules.  I've totally missed her running presence and am enjoying having someone to chat about running with and run with on a regular basis. 

I did learn a lesson this past week that incorporating interval or speed work into my runs early morning may make me change my normal morning process of not eating much, unless I'm running 5 or more.  I struggled heavily due to low energy stores.  So I will start eating a little something prior to my speed work in the a.m. 

Onto March- I'm following the another mother runner finish it 10K plan in prep for the Leprechaun Dash 10K I do in a couple of weeks.  I'll have a week off from scheduled "training plan" and then will start my another mother runner's half marathon "own it" plan.  Shall be a fun month of running :).

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