Monday, March 11, 2013

Writing slump

I've kind of felt like I'm in a writing slump- likely because I just haven't been writing enough. I've been keeping up with my letter- snail mail writing -1 per week. I've not felt like I have anything ecstatic to share: plus the things I like to write about make me wonder who wants to read over and over again about running, reading, charitable giving, etc.

Lately I could send something out weekly to friends and families about all the help out there that is needed by different groups/organizations. That's not a bad thing to communicate, but I don't want to be constantly asking, asking, asking. Plus I start to feel a little "demanding" which is a characteristic I've been told I had during childhood (maybe even still :). Maybe this is me warning you the reader that some upcoming posts will be doing just that "asking for your help".

Well need to do spelling list with oldest so enough  jibber/jabber for now. Happy Monday - is it bad that I'm counting down the hours until I can get in bed and snuggle up with my bedtime read and cat Blue?

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