Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Reads

It has been another good month of reading.  Here are the books I read and my reviews.

"Chasing Shakespeares" by Sarah Smith
Interesting story about trying to find out who Shakespeare was.  It was an O.K. read.  A little on the long side and unfortunately some of the information was lost on me because I just don't know enough about Shakespeare.  It did make me want to read some Shaespeare, but again don't know if I'm that "high brow" of a literary buff.

Note To Self: On Keeping a Journal And Other Dangerous Pursuits by Samara O'Shea was another O.K. book.  I enjoyed her book on writing letters better (see last month's book review for more). I just wasn't interested in reading her old diary/journal entries.  Kind of made me wonder if my children/husband/friends would find my journals of interest or totally boring- but I do believe we write in our diaries/journals for us not thinking we are going to find ourselves famous one day. 
 Here are some of the quotes I did enjoy from the book:

"Write what you want and whenever you want" (pg 2)

"Writing solidifies thought, which can be unnerving, but it also gives you a sense of control." (9)

"We all have moments of madness, the more in tune you are with all of your thoughts... the more in tune you are with yourself ." (9)

"My favorite journal-like quality of blogs is that they go unedited... Of course I have to suffer the consequences and take credit for any and all mistakes, but for writers, it is a gift to have works published completely unaltered." (p 96)

Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong was GREAT READ!  I wrote enough a few days ago on this one, but again would tell any of my friends to read this book whether they are runners or not. 

Maze Runner by James Dashner was our book club read for the month.  I love book club for so many reasons, but this book or type of book is just one of them.  I would never pick up this book to read on my own- just not my genre/interest.  However, I really enjoyed it.  So much that I will read the other 2 and just found out the Prelude book is out.  So thanks bookies for making me read different books.
Oh- the premise of the book- big surprise dystopian society and children/teens fighting for their lives.  Reminded many of us from book club of the book "Lord of the Flies". 
I tried two different books on tape: The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriani Trigiani and Once a Runner by John Parker.  Couldn't get into either one.  I listened to over half the Runner book and likely won't read that one, but will likely try and read "The Shoemaker's Wife" or listen to it when I'm into higher mileage training.  I think it is the kind of book you can't just listen to 30-40 minutes of and leave for a couple of days- I just couldn't get into it and have heard from some of my reading buddies how great it is. 
Onto- March (Finished Harry Potter on the 1st day of March) and just finishing the 5th of the Armand Gamache Mysteries  by Louise Penny (I swear I could read all of those books- have 7 more- in a month's time if I allowed myself- so enjoy her writing and the stories).
Happy Reading!

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