Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Post Op Day 6

Yesterday I felt out of it.  Not very lucid in my thoughts and struggling to figure out how much and when I should take two different medications to help me feel better (one pain medicine, the other muscle relaxant).  I was sore yesterday and I felt surprised by the swelling still present in my right foot/ankle area despite being 5 days out from surgery. 

Today I feel a little better and feel like being productive. I'm reading a great book "Little Wolves" by Thomas Maltman (book club read for October), I'm trying to read my way through Mark (yep Bible Mark) and taking notes for the parts I don't get what parable/wisdom we are suppose to be gleaming, and I'm now writing a post. 

In my recovery period I've had fun wasting time looking at pinterest sites.  I lean towards pictures, sayings that have anything to do with running, books, and self improvement (I know big surprise).  Here are a few of the ones I've found and my take on them or what/why they stirred something up in me. 

I like this simple saying and the visual of the never ending road.  We all have the potential to get stronger every day.  Not just physically, but mentally, spiritually, etc.  Although I'm "layed up" I still am doing my leg lifts, quad clenches, range of motion, along with my arm workout just abbreviated so I don't have to stand, along with ab crunches.  My goal of course is to come back stronger physically following this surgery.  Along with physical strength why not take advantage of this "time on the couch" and become stronger in my spirituality by trying to understand the Bible, what "grace" and "faith" are and mean to me along with trying to work on being "present". 

I really think books can help you heal.  I plan to use this belief and test the powers of bibliotherapy in the next couple of weeks.  Finished the 2nd Harry Potter per request of my oldest and enjoyed it more than the first one.  So after I finish "Little Wolves" I plan to move on to the 3rd Harry Potter.  Besides having something to talk to my son about I'm also able to look forward to watching both 2nd and 3rd Harry Potter movies with my oldest in the near future.  Can't wait to report on all the "therapy" I accomplished this month of recuperating.

I'm constantly looking at who I am and who I could be or should be.  This is likely due to my never ending busy mind.  What could I do differently as a wife, mom, professional, sister, friend, etc?  I think spending some time and energy on just being me ad bettering the good parts of me and simmering the negative parts of me would be a huge accomplishment over the next month.  I want to be a more pleasant being.  I want to be more patient.  I want to be more present. Life is too short!

Well that is all for today.  I have lots more of pictures/quotes/sayings like the above to share and will do the days to come.  Off to get some bibliotherapy and take a little cat nap with my cat. 

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