Monday, October 13, 2014

What are my plans?

You knew it wouldn't take me long to get back at it with goals, lists of "to do's" etc.  I just feel that I'm going to have pretty much two more weeks of lying around on couch or in chair and so instead of just going through the motions I would like to be productive. 

I sit here watching the rain come down and the wind pulling the leaves off the trees and realize that soon there will not be leaves left on the trees and we will be into winter and all that comes with it: snow, ice, cold, and my inevitable seasonal depression that comes after the Holidays.  I know, I know, we haven't even gotten to Halloween yet, but when you are sitting around with nothing to do besides read, read, write, write and actually indulge in some primetime TV watching you start to think about the future. 

If anything this year has taught me that there really is only one day and that is the day you are in, so I'd love to be better at taking advantage of that "day".  I'd also like to really become more grateful for all that I have.  I don't quite know the answers to figuring out how to accomplish that everyday gratefulness and keep with it.  Life gets busy and I get tired and like me trying to follow- through with healthy eating if I don't actively make it a priority I won't follow-through with my "grateful day" appreciation. It is easy to sit on the couch with no pressing places to be or things to be doing, because I can't physically be up to do them due to being told "only one leg" for next 5 weeks. 

At the same time I don't want some crazy, unrealistic list of "to do's" that I can do or accomplish and then when I don't get them done I'm stressed or disappointed in my follow-through when I return to two legged stance. (hopefully Nov 17-gosh that sounds forever away). So here is a list of potential "to do's" for my couch time along with rest, relaxation, and some quality time with my family and friends. 

1. Go through photos on computer and "clean house".
2. Make the 2013 family photo album- at least with the goal of getting it done before 2015 hits
3. Read- read a lot
4. Write- write a lot
- In regard to 3 and 4 I don't want to put a number or time/word count on my reading and writing, but I want to be productive and not just sit around making lists of all the books I could read or reading about what I could write or how to write, but actually put pen to paper and get some words down. 
5. Read to my kids- both of them.  I've really gotten away from reading to my oldest because he is so independent in his reading. 
6. Have real quality time with my husband.  We have had some stressful months with all the health issues, deaths in the family and just general life things and so really feel like we have little to no real  "him and me" time.
7.Spend time with people who make me a better person- basically spend time with my Peeps.  Being with my Peeps gives me a "fuel like energy" and makes my heart happy- this will help me get through 5 weeks on the couch.
8. Catch up on reading for work- this is different than #3- this is learning/taking notes/making me a better professional reading. 
9. If I'm going to be banned from weight baring on one leg I at least should come out of this with some ripped arms and a flat tummy from the free weights and crunches/ab work I can do- just envision chair aerobics.
10. Just be present.  Enjoy something or many things from each every day. 

We will see how I do with the above.  Better get on it. 

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