Friday, October 24, 2014

3 weeks and 2 days post op- but who's counting?

Me- that is who!

I'm starting to hit that mid hump where I'm getting a little stir crazy.  This one legged walking gig is just not that fun anymore, not that it ever really was fun, but when you are on narcotics and your family/friends are around all the time you don't notice you only are walking with one leg. 

Now that I'm doing so much better I'm alone a lot more, which is good, but making coffee, making a "healthy" lunch is taxing due to my one legged stance.  It is so much easier to grab a tupperware bowl and fill it with carby snacks and hoble back to my "comand center" (aka couch). 

However, things are looking up.  I'm going to venture back to work on Monday.  I'm getting to have quality time with two of my favorite Peeps today: one for lunch and one tonight for vino and good conversation.  So despite the misty, damp, foggy weather outside I'm putting on a happy face, wearing clothes that don't qualify as sweats or pj's,  and getting out in the world.

I love finding images/quotes that clearly describe my mood or state of being.  The below are ones I totally can relate to right now.

Yep I'm definitely cranky and moody and a little frustrated.  Activity for me is definitely a way to burn off energy, steam, and connect with myself.  My clothes are feeling tight and I'm just feeling that "blah- nothing looks good on me" stage in recovery.  This too will pass once I get back out into the real world of walking with two legs, but for now I'm really missing my running.  Even worse I'm missing walking.

I had writer's group last night.  I like to call us the Written Mom, but not sure the other 3 ladies are on board with that name.  We meet once a month and go over books, writing projects, and exercises we are working on.  We also chat and catch up on our lives.  These women are amazing and all are doing such brave things through their writing and in life.  One just had a piece accepted for publishing.  One is going back to get her Master's of Divinity with a writing emphasis.  The other is this amazing writer, who has yet to share her writing, but we all consider her the "coach" in our group.  Her feedback and ideas for our writing is amazing and her journalism background doesn't hurt either.  My goal with this writing group is to work on writing a memoir on training for and completing the 70.3 mile triathlon.  However, it really spans all my running/fitness career.  It has been harder than I thought to work on this project.  I so enjoy reading about writing and doing exercises, but I lack all the tools to get the main piece moving forward.  So I did the only thing one can do when trying to write a book- I started it this week. I sent out an Introduction and a beginning of my Chapter 1.  Last night our group got together, minus one, and they had great feedback (ideas, critiques, direction on where I needed to go) and I feel more motivated to continue working on this project.  I'm not sure what will come of it, but I do know that like training for a race, writing the book is making me happy and happiness is something I can't argue with. 

Lastly, I don't know what I would do without reading in my life.  I kind of feel like books are extended family members who I highly enjoy spending time with.  I've been so grateful for the books friends have given me during my time of recovery.  Without these stories to take me away from my recovery state I'd be much more agitated, frustrated and likely depressed.  I have a new appreciation for the author Nina Sankovitch who wrote "Tolstoy and the Purple Chair" .  She read a book a day for a year.  I'm nowhere near that reading number in the last 3 weeks and the stack of "to reads" by my "command center" is growing each day.  However, I've read some great books and know that October will be my highest count of books read yet in a month. 
Happy Friday!  Happy Reading! Happy Living!

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