Friday, October 10, 2014

week one recovery

It has flown by. This past week has just disappeared.  Other than finishing three books, and doing some writing exercises, I can't speak to accomplishing much more.  I'm still taking pain medications, slowly weaning off and getting on around the clock Tylenol.  I did not enjoy the grogginess/fuzzyness of my brain nor the awkward balance I have while on the medication. 

I've progressed from showering with half my body in the tub and the other resting on the ledge of the tub, as not to get my dressings wet, to last night taking my first shower bath in over a week- heaven!  Now if I could only get this horrid iodine to come off.  I've tried rubbing alcohol, which Google said would work, but alas still have streaks present.  I also have some very "becoming" bruises produced by the surgeon's handiwork (aka I'm suppose to look battered). 

All in all I couldn't be happier with how the surgery went and the recovery.  I've received a lot of get well gifts, flowers, cards, and phone calls.  I've had my sister, my in laws and now my parents here helping with me and the kids.  Next week is the interesting test- I'll be alone.  I worry about stupid things like: how will I get my coffee from the machine to the couch?  I struggle to be on my feet for long periods of time because of the weight of pull in my right leg makes my leg not feel great and because my left leg will start to quiver as if I've just completed the hardest set of squats or leg presses I've done in a long time following standing for periods longer than minutes. 

My family is adjusting: daughter is such a little care taker and loves doing whatever I ask of her, my oldest is having a hard time with listening to me from the couch just as much as he had before surgery- so he's not making it easy on me.  To add to our fun he recently had his cast taken off and he is struggling with getting his arm/hand back into moving and participating in life.  Granted I try to remind him that it is only day 2, but he has a just a little of his mom in him and is inpatient about seeing improvement and also fretful of falling and injuring it again.  Totally realistic and logical concerns. Wish I could take away the worry and just make his arm magically feel better.  Harry Potter have any spells for me?

Hubby is running his 10th Chicago Marathon this weekend and I won't be there.  I've never missed a race of his.  He is a very solo runner and is totally understanding of me not being there and so is probably better with me missing it then I am.  I think him running the race and me stuck at home is another reality I don't want to think about that this likely will be my future unless my surgeon miraculously thinks my surgery will allow me to return to long distance running.  Only time will tell. 

I'm of course thinking ahead and wondering what it will be like to return to work on crutches, but I stop myself and go back to my old race training tool of only looking at one day at a time, because if I don't I'll add to my anxiety and stress with thinking of all the "what ifs". So for now onto week 2 recovery and more reading, writing, and resting. 

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