Friday, March 4, 2011

Kid's Reading...

Oldie but goodie: Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm by Alice and Martin Provensen
The pictures in the book are the best part.  This book reminds me very much of reading during childhood.  I know I touched on it earlier, but I really do have my parents to thank in regards to my love for reading.  My mother is an avid reader with a stack of books at her bedside. She reads nightly even when really tired as I do too.  She always seems to have a book on hold at the library.  My father also has a stack of books at his bedside.  He enjoys reading, but is not as quick as mom when reading books (took him over a year to read Gone with the Wind).  Now that he is retired he has multiple books going at once and his coffee time at Starbucks is allowing him to finish books more rapidly.

I remember going to "story hour" at our public library on a weekly basis with my mom. She also took us to "story hour" and even had a library card for Winchester Virginia's library (where my dad's family lives).  We visited my grandparents and his brothers and sister three times a year until I started school.  In the summer our visit would last three weeks so going to the library while visiting just seemed natural.  I remember being introduced to Stephen Kellog's children's stories in Winchester's library through the books my mom checked out for us.   My dad also has affected my reading history because he was the one who read to my sister and I before bedtime.  I have found memories of asking dad to read one more chapter be it from: The Little House on the Prairie series, The Bobbsey Twins, or Black Beauty. (see list of books I love for kids in BLOG).

Today Kate and I went to the library and I took out my little book which lists not only books I would like to read, but books, and music for the kids.  I work through the list and cross off as I go. Who knows if I ever will finish reading all of my "wish list" books to myself or my kids, but I enjoy the process. Going to the library makes me happy.  I love looking at the books, magazines, movies and music.  Librarians in general, especially in the children's section, are so energetic and eager to help you find just the right book.  I think if my mom had to do it over again she should have gone into library science.  She would have been great with the type A organization of books, materials, etc and she loves reading so that love would have flowed from her to other readers.  I'm happy today for the hour Kate and I spent at the library looking at books and deciding how many we could stuff in our bags- today was pretty small- only one bag was full.  I also look forward to showing Mason all the new books I found for us to look at when he gets home from school today.

Lately, I have thought frequently if only there were more time in the day to just READ! Could I just skip cleaning or getting groceries for a week and just read all day with the kids or by myself when naps were being had.  I never quite take the plunge with that idea. So if having a tough day or week- try going to the library and finding a book to escape into.  One of the best and cheapest therapies around. 


  1. Enjoyed the children's book post as I have the rest. I love seeing Rachel read books that I loved as a child. I get to relive those stories through her eyes and hear her perspectives. It makes for great conversation! I kinda freaked out when she brought home Fifteen from the school library, though! The efforts of your parents remind me of the power we have as parents to shape our children. We teach so much by example, and it is the little everyday things that are truly remembered.

  2. Thanks for commenting. Didn't know how the comments would work. Like the interaction.