Friday, March 11, 2011

Running on empty...

My husband told me quite a few years ago that I constantly said/say "I'm tired".  Well today is not much different.  Today my tired state come from multiple causes, but primary culprit was Kate who got up at 2am and was basically in and out of her new big girl toddler bed until I said "enough- you have to go in with her I've been up since 2am (now 3:38 am)" to my husband breathing easily next to me.  He proceeded to get the sleeping bag and go and sleep in her room next to her toddler bed.  He actually likes sleeping on the floor so I didn't feel too bad.  Plus I needed sleep.

Next thing I knew it was 5:45 and my alarm was awakening me.  I had a morning run to do.  I got up and met my running partner/partner in crime :) at 6 am and started our 4 mile journey.  About half way through the run she started not feeling well, thought to be in part due to not eating dinner after her exercise class the night before.  So we walked.  We have a good running relationship, one in which she and I never feel pressure to keep up with each other.  So if one wants to keep running and not walk that person does and there are no hard feelings.  Today, I didn't keep running I walked.  I felt drained from the lack of sleep early that a.m.  Granted I am using that as a heavy excuse, but really I was tired.  I've been spending my evenings, many way too late, getting things ready for my upcoming road trip east with the kids, my sister, her two kids and my dad in our mini van.  I've been making the kids binders with all sorts of activities to keep them busy during the trip.  I've been making playlists for the car ride.  The one I put together last night was all of my favorite soundtrack songs (minus Disney movies- that's its own playlist) and 138 songs later I was done. 

So the whole point of this post is to make me start to be accountable for my own tiredness.  If I want to be more energized, run well and not be a cranky mom or wife I need to make rest/sleep a priority.  This means knowing that every night I like to read minimum of 30 minutes, maximum 1 hour and so I need to get myself to bed at a decent time.  I also need afternoons like today when I could've run around the house cleaning (sorry Matthew layer of dust still present on piano), but instead I watched Big Ten basketball, surfed Internet for blogs with running, mom, books in the title, and now am doing this post .  This of course all before I head out to pick up Mason and start our trip East.   I'll keep you posted on how getting better rest/sleep is, especially considering the trip/week I have a head of me.  I know lofty goals :).


  1. Was glad you walked with me, friend :) Maybe after our respective spring break trips we'll be all rejuvenated and ready to take on more than 4 miles at a time. Ya think!?!

  2. This post spoke to my heart...