Monday, March 28, 2011

Out on a date

Went out with mason tonight. Kate is in Florida with grandparents and matt was working late so decided mason and I would run some errands and go out for dinner. We had 2 gift cards (1 for chili's and 1 for olive garden). He picked olive garden. We had a nice meal talking about star wars ( he got to watch the original with matt this past weekend). We then went to the mall and he proceeded to tell Michael, my iPhone concierge at At&t, all about Butler's NCAA ride. He helped me pick out new running shoes at scheels. I'm so behind they don't carry my saucony ride 2. The newest saucony progrid 3 screams Ohio state colors, but luckily they had an old blue pair which will suit just fine. We ended our night by going to one of my favorite hangouts- coralville library. Picking out easy readers and talking the nonfiction library buyer into purchasing Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong and Run like a mother by Dimty mcdowell and Sara Shea brown- highlights of our trip. Well he's in bed and I'm heading there soon dt early run tomorrow. Nice night and fun hanging out with my son. My heart smiled tonight when we got in the car after dinner and Mason said "thank you for taking me to dinner mom". Gotta love it.

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  1. How fun! Hannah's date spot of choice is always Olive Garden too! She loves being able to get out for alone time with just Matt or me!