Monday, April 23, 2012

Email has been hacked...

I apologize to any of you that have recieved email from me requesting funds due to being in Spain and being without money... Yep someone got access to my hotmail and now I have no connection because I don't keep a list of my emails and so have no way to connect with my Peeps and let them know I have no email. 

I find this kind of ironic because just last night I was reading a NYTimes article about how all the social media has made us get away from having "conversation".  We are so into connecting through social media: Facebook, Email, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, etc that we don't have actual "conversation" anymore.  So I'm kind of panicked because I have no way to connect with my family and friends, but I think this hacking is a sign that I need to a. back up my contact list so if this happens again I can let my friends/family know I'm alive and well b. need to get back to "conversation" and not rely on social media to connect with friends. 

Again- sorry for the annoying hacking email.  I seriously want to know why people Hack anyways- wish these people could get a life!

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  1. I noticed that in my blogger feed, there was a blog entry of this! I clicked on it, but, there was no post. Hate those hackers!!