Saturday, April 14, 2012

" That guy looks like Hans Solo"

"Yeah, he sure does" I say to my movie lover son. We were flicking between channels tonight and we landed on "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" .  We only let the kids watch the "safe spots"- we bounced between this and Disney's "Aladdin".  Son hooked onto Indiana Jones and made the above comment. Why does it make me so proud that my son recognizes the comparison between these two Screen Figure Icons- coming from the same great Actor?  I love it!  

I told him I was super proud of him- now I did give him a hard time the other night when he didn't recognize Judy Garland, playing the lead in Easter Parade.  I helped him out by reminding him of the Wizard of Oz.  Need to work on those classic actors, but maybe some would say Harrison Ford is a classic too.  

I love movies and hope he continues too.  

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