Monday, April 9, 2012

Lent is over...

And I partaked in sweets yesterday and purchased a Starbucks drink on the way to work this morning, but as usual the taste of the sweets and convenience of not having to make coffee this a.m. was anti-climactic. The Peeps, cadebury egg, beer combo last night just didn't fill my tummy (in fact I had tummy ache last night). The coffee this morning was ok but not any better than i've been fixing at home. So since I survived the no sweets and no buying starbucks or java house I think I may continue with a variation- no sweets unless it is worth it- so basically I don't want to fall back into daily sweets/treats. I'll allow one day during week of buying coffee out, but otherwise making it at home.

Why do I need to write this or stick to this- because I don't have the best will power and as with signing up with races helps me stick with training so does putting this goal out there and trying to stick with it. I want to eat better for so many reasons (don't want to be an emotional eater, want to be a good role model for my kids, and I want to see if eating better will help me run better). So I continue on. Sorry to bore you with these goals but if I put it out there I'm more likely to follow through.

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