Monday, June 11, 2012

Kids Summer Reading:Part 2

Another summer reading project will incorporate my kids and my love of art and reading.

The kids will pick different art pieces to rent from the library. Yep free art- gotta love the library! This piece will hang in our dining room for a couple of weeks and along with the painting we will check out some books on the artist, period or style of art, and even look at specifics on the piece the kids have picked.

The child who doesn't pick the area on the world map to study will get to then be the picker of art. My youngest picked, with I believe some heavy influence from her older brother, Grant Wood's American Gothic.

Tonight we looked at the books we checked out and also read about the piece and artist through good old Wikipedia.

He was an amazing artist and his Regionalism (art looking/depicting rural Midwest) is very detailed and makes me feel as if I'm part of the piece/time period. After reading up on Grant Wood the three of us did our own art work. We gathered inspiration by looking at his own works of art highlighted in the two books. It was a great first "artist" project for our summer reading program.
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