Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mommy's Project 52: beautiful


My Daughter- one day old, loved her fine hair and perfect skin.

My Son and Daughter- his smile is BEAUTIFUL!

Can't remember if I staged this or not, but how BEAUTIFUL- maybe her first kiss from big brother.

She'll be 4 next week and I can't believe how BEAUTIFUL she still is.  She melts my heart with her cries, smiles, and her laughs.  I tell people she's 4 going on 20.  She's going to be my child that wants a tattoo or maybe two.  She's going to question her mom's idea of appropriate curfew when she gets that age. She's a dancer (not ballet or anything- I mean that "wedding, Keg Party, dance club" dancing and so she'll have a lovely time dancing  and making memories throughout life.  She loves animals, especially dogs and cats, and to see her talk to our cat Blue like a human being is Beautiful.  Maybe I'll be able to live vicariously through her when she heads off to vet school.  

She loves her brother, her father, her cousin and her Papa's- she loves the guys in her life.  Now she also loves the ladies too, but the first people she asks about are these men in her life.  She'll be my tomboy with her blue Milk and Cookies "Best Friends" shirt or her Pluto shirt (two shirts she would wear every other day if I let her).  She'll forever try to keep up with her brother.  She'll be strong and beautiful.

She is my daughter and she is BEAUTIFUL!

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  1. What wonderful pictures of your kids! I love the pic of your son holding and kissing her, those moments are so wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful children. My son, my younger kid, adores his older sister. She's his favorite person, by far. I love watching the kids grow up together!