Saturday, June 2, 2012

Anniversary and PR

So a year ago today I was recovering from "the fishtank fall". (short story- last walk from bathroom to youngest kid's fishtank fell on wet bathroom floor and had to take a ambulance ride to ER). After being in the ER I returned home at 4 a.m. And for the next few days I pretty much moved from bed to bathroom. I had to take a month break from running and then trained in 14 weeks and happily finished Chicago marathon.

Side note- I'm still so grateful to my friends who came to my aid- TP for leaving her margaritas and coming to my aid as the ambulance guys helped medicate me and then preceded to watch my kids and later help me go #1 upon return home :), to my BRB who too came to my aid while ambulance crew was medicating me, visited me day after, and most importantly helped me get back to running and finishing my 4th Chicago marathon. To HB who came to give me support in ER and not laugh to hard when I passed out in ER. My friend Skeeter who drove me to PT and LM who brought me mags and treats for recovery. my husband who reworked my training schedule to help me train appropriately yet strongly with only 14 weeks -outcome of a 4:28 Chi marathon time.

Fast forward to today (1year later) I PR'd my 1/2. I'll write about race in detail later, along with my recent 10K report from Hawaii. I finished in 1:59:08. My goal this year was to run a sub 2 "1/2" so I can check that off the "to do list". I feel good and feel super happy with the race I ran. Pretty sure this is the first race I've run a negative split. ( lingo meaning ran 2nd half of race faster than 1st half). Crazy how much can be accomplished in one year.

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  1. I, for one, am super super super happy for you and PROUD of the work you've done. I really think your January challenge (run at least one mile every day in January) helped to contribute to this PR. You've really made running a priority, and I'm just lucky enough to have been along for the ride :)

    Way to go, BRB.

    Here's to many more PRs in our future!